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Miscellaneous Jokes

A nun asked her class, What part of the body goes into
heaven first?

A little girl raises her hand and says, I know, I know, the top of your head.

The nun asks, Why do you say that?

The little girl says, Because when you die, you go straight up, and the top of your head goes in first!

The nun replies, That makes sense, anyone else?

Another little girl says, I know, I know, the tips of your fingers.

The nun asks, Why the tips of your fingers?

The little girl replies, Because when you put your hands
together to pray, the tips of your fingers go into heaven

The nun says, OK, anyone else?

Little Johnny is in the back waving his hand.

The nun says, OK, Johnny, please tell us what part of the body goes into heaven first?

Your feet! Your feet do, for sure! yells Johnny.

The nun, puzzled, asks, Why do you think your feet get to heaven first?

Because I was walking past my parents' bedroom last night, and my mom was in there, and she had both her feet sticking straight up in the air, and she was yelling 'Oh God, I'm coming. Oh God, I'm coming!' and if my Dad hadn't been holding her down, I think she would have gone!

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