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A guy was walking on the beach when he notices another guy tanning on the beach. The guy had a strong build and a great body. But he had a vey small head. So the guy goes up to him and says excuse but I noticed you on the beach and I must say that you have a great body but why is your head so small?

The man replies well one day I was walking on this very same beach and I caught a Mermaid sun-bathing on those rocks out there. And if you catch a mermaid out of the water you get three wishes. So she asked me what I would like and I said that I was never a really good-looking guy so I wished for a good body.

And thats how I got my body.

Then I told her that I always wanted to live by the beach so I wished for this house right hear on the beach. And theres my house.

Then I told her that it has been a long time since I have been with a women so I asked her if she would sleep with me.

She said if I could I would but as you see that from the waist down I'm all fin and that there was no way so could give me any pleasure. Then I said thats ok, how about a little head.
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