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Situation Jokes

Sitting at home one night with his wife, a man is casually
tossing peanuts into the air and catching them in his mouth.
As the couple take in the latest episode of their favorite program,
the man loses concentration for a split second, and a peanut
goes into his ear. He tries to get it out, but succeeds only in
forcing the thing in awfully deep.

After a few hours of fruitless rooting the couple decide to go to the
hospital, but on their way out of the front door they meet their
daughter coming in with her boyfriend.

The boyfriend takes control of the situation; he tells them he's
studying medicine and that they're not to worry about a thing. He
then sticks two fingers up the man's nose and asks him to blow, and
low and behold, the nut shoots from the ear and out across the room.
As the daughter and her boyfriend go through to the kitchen to
get drinks, the man and his wife sit down to discuss their luck.

So the wife says, what do you think he'll become after he finishes
school? A GP or a surgeon?

Well, says the man, rubbing his nose, by the smell of his fingers,
I think he's likely to be our son-in-law.

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