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This one hasn't come up despite the presence of UCLA on the net. I'mled to the sad conclusion that the tradition has died.In the mid '70s, just before it was overrun by fanatic Dungeons and amp;Dragons (tm) players, the UCLA Computer Club was host to a long seriesof glitter traps. Example: joke subject sits at a desk, pulls out adrawer. A string runs from the back of the drawer, up the wall, intothe false ceiling, over to a spot directly over the subject's head,where it triggers the trap: a mousetrap whose action snaps a card awayfrom its position covering a funnel, releasing a handful of glitter,which flows down the funnel, through its spout, through a hole in theceiling acoustic tile, onto the subject. It was wonderful to watch: amuf*led snapping noise, a quiet chuff, and the slow, glittery descentof a cloud of brightly colored dust, to settle over the head andshoulders of a club member who by now has assumed an expression ofappreciative resignation.Another, more short-lived ploy was to suspend a wooden horseshoe by astring from the ceiling in the corridor, such that the horseshowdangles a couple of inches above the top of an upright broom. Mostconventional brooms will stand on their straws with a little coaxing.We attached a sign labeling the horseshow wood magnet. Quite a fewpeople took it at face value.

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