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Children Jokes

A Sunday school teacher asked her first graders.
Where is God?
The room was filled with children that raised their hands to respond.
Okay, Mary, Where is God?
He is everywhere,
Very good thats right.
But still there were two children that didnt put their hands down,
so the teacher continued.
Okay, Michael, Where is God?
God is inside me.
Very good thats right.
Now there was one boy sitting in the back of the class waiving his hand.
He was the last child with his hand up, so the teacher called on him.
Okay, Danny, Where is God?
Hes in our bathroom.
Well the teacher just had to ask, How do you know hes in the bathroom?
The answer came, Every morning my father knocks on the bathroom door and says,
My God are you still in there?

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